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Cape Verde is made up of ten islands of varying size, and they differ remarkably in terms of size and geography, so it’s worth saving a day for island-hopping. Whereas Sal is largely flat, Fogo has a volcanic peak rising to more than 2,800 metres, and the spectacular island of Santo Antão is strewn with beautiful canyons and tropical plants. Meanwhile, the beautiful Bay of Fajã de Água on nearby Brava Island provides a green contrast to the red sands of Sal. São Vicente is the place to experience the national music, morna, the Cape Verdean version of the blues, which owes much to the islands’ sad history as part of the slave trade. The distinctive sounds of strings and famous voices like Cesária Évora spill out of coffee-shops and bars across the city of Mindelo – sit and listen over a drink at Café Lisboa, on Rua de Lisboa.